CYBATHLON 2020: The Powered Exoskeleton Race

Cybathlon course


Competing against 9 athletes from 5 countries (United States, Russia, Korea, India, France) Swiss paraplegic athlete and handbike champion Silke Pan is to compete at the 2nd edition of Cybathlon. The former acrobat will adorn the TWIICE exoskeleton especially designed for her by EPFL scientists. She will race through a 40 meter-long circuit that includes seven types of obstacles like stairs, inclined slopes, rough terrain and a slalom around tables. 

The Powered Exoskeleton Race at EPFL is organized by the research group REHAssist (BIOROB-TNE).

Overview of the race tasks

The Team

From left to right : Fasola JeminaTristan VougaRomain BaudJulien PacheDidier Dvorak (husband of Silke) – our pilot Silke PanAlireza ManzooriMassouma Ziai (lead organization) – Eva Castrillon Pérez(organization) – Dario Mivelaz (communication) and Mohamed Bouri


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