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Exchange in EPFL

Students desiring to do their Master thesis in EPFL must contact an EPFL professor before the opening of the projects portal on IS-Academia.
Depending on the desired field, they will contact one of our professors (or MER) in order to obtain their consent of their supervision and the title of the thesis.

Registration to the Master thesis:

  • As soon as the consent of the EPFL professor is received, follow the application procedure given by your contact person (the professor or his secretary)
  • As soon as you have received the acceptation letter as well as the EPFL access, apply on IS-Academia
  • Print the registration form and sign it by the EPFL professor
  • Bring the signed registration form to the Civil Engineering secretariat

► Exchange students going to EPFL do not have the obligation to perform their engineering internship in order to start their Master thesis.

Échange OUT

► Consult also our FAQ web page for Master Thesis

ctions to take before the end of June (Autumn) or the end of December (Spring):

  • Consult “Exchange: Outgoing Students”
  • Fill the form
  • Have it signed by the Civil Engineering mobility responsible
  • Load the signed form of your exchange application on IS-Academia
  • Become a member of “International SOS” for medical assistance during your Master project abroad. This is mandatory when doing your Master project abroad.

The delivery deadlines are fixed by the registrar´s office.

If the project is finished before the delivery deadlines, you can of course submit it earlier.

 Exchange students: visit “Master Thesis Exchange”

Electronic version to be downloaded on the EPFL IT platform ENACshare.
Then send the link by email to [email protected], with the professor and the expert in CC.
(The 3 email addresses have to show on the same email in order to formalized the delivery of the PdM).

A paper version may be required by the professor or the expert. To be confirmed with them directly.