Support for staff members

Since the beginning of April 2020, a range of support services has been put in place to support EPFL staff members.

The EPFL proposes a series of videos and online courses which, sometimes in just a few minutes, allow you to access the situation and find useful tips for working from home, daily organization, and ensuring personal balance.

Also, each employee can benefit from two “Self-Care” coaching sessions. These sessions are 45’ each, 100% anonymous and confidential with an external coach, offering you help and support in dealing with current challenges.

Supporting employees working within your teams is essential in these unsettling times. Remote work and the associated workload bring additional complexity for most team leaders.

The EPFL offers several online resources and individual coaching sessions for its team leaders. These short videos and webinars help team leaders to manage their teams remotely and deal with the specific management challenges in the current circumstances.

Team care coaching is 100% anonymous and confidential. It allows team leaders to address current issues and receive personalized support from specialized external coaches.

The sports center offers many activities to help you move and stay in shape even at home, with online sessions designed and adapted to the current situation: Mobility routines, the Couch Stretch, Yoga, Aikido, Breathing exercises, and many more.

The EPFL spiritual center offers all staff members the opportunity for individual consultations, activities related to questions of meaning and ethics, as well as moments of renewal.