EPFL Racing Team

Formula student

EPFL Racing Team

The team’s project is to participate in the Formula Student competition, a university engineering competition for which each team builds a single-seater racing car. This competition exists since the 1980s and this year would be EPFL’s second participation. The Lausanne Racing Team has decided to compete in the electric category in order to develop fundamental skills for the automotive industry of tomorrow.

The entire car is designed by students. There are more than 50 of them, distributed in different teams to be able to present a reliable prototype for the summer competitions.

During the competitions, their vehicle and manufacturing process will be examined in a series of so-called “static” tests by industry professionals. Once these tests have been passed, they will be able to compete on the circuit against other cars in the so-called “dynamic” events. During these tests, the car’s handling will be tested, as well as acceleration and energy consumption.

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We have projects for students in numerous sections of the school, if interested please contact us:

CEO student: Coline Droxler

EPFL Coordinator   : Samuel Cotture (Student Kreativity and Innovation Laboratory – SKIL)

Academic Responsible : Professor Mario Paolone (Distributed Electrical System Laboratory – DESL)