Participatory Approach

An open consultation process to define the campus of tomorrow

During three weeks in the fall of 2020, a participatory process allowed members of the EPFL community to discover the draft Campus Climate Plan, to evaluate the measures, to debate them and to propose new ones.

At the same time, each category of the Plan was addressed in thematic online workshops (in french) that allowed the community to interact directly with the working group leaders and exchange about the proposed content. “Fresques du climat” workshops provided a better understanding of the components of climate change and its systemic nature.

Greenhouse effect gases from 2006 to 2018 and prospection for 2030 (Quantis)

The objective of the approach aims at reducing the campus’ CO2-eq emissions by 50% (compared to 2006) in line with the Confederation’s objectives, which represents a reduction of current emissions by about 2/3.


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