Financing your research

The Transportation Centre is a key entry point for EPFL laboratories to form partnerships and set up consortia to participate in research programmes funded by the European Union and other funding mechanisms in the field of transport and mobility.

In this respect, the TRACE team successfully represented the interests of EPFL and laboratories in the consortium selected by the EU EIT Urban Mobility. The consortium brings together 48 partner organizations including EPFL to design, build and implement novel systems for making city transportation more sustainable. Its total research budget is €1.6 billion over seven years (2019–2026); this EU funding will provide €400 million of that, helping make it one of the largest publicly funded initiatives for urban transportation in the world. More information.

In collaboration with the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs, the Vice Presidency for Innovation and the Research Office, TRACE also helped laboratories set up several projects supported by Innosuisse.


TRACE is an interdisciplinary centre under the EPFL Vice Presidency Academic Affairs (VPA).

For any information please contact: [email protected]

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