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Infoscience offers different search tools to empower your research.

Please refer to the Infoscience knowledge base for detailed instructions on how to perform a search.


Filters are situated in a menu that you can pull down under the search bar by clicking on the red button “Options”.

You can combine as many collections as you want, change the sorting rules and the number of results displayed per page.


Facets are situated on the left of the search results page. The different facets (type, lab, year, journal) can be combined, but only one choice can be ticked in each facet.

Browse Collections

The “browse collections” menu, at the top, corresponds to the Infoscience collection tree: schools, institutes and laboratories. Clicking on a collection allows you to search only in this collection.

Advanced search

Available directly under the search box , the advanced search permits to combine mutliples search fields with bolean operators (OR, AND, AND NOT).

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