Prof. Thomas Mountford

Exchange coordinator for the mathematics section

Exchange during the 3rd Bachelor year: students must contact [email protected]

Exchange during the master thesis: students should contact [email protected] for any question related to academic matters. For administrative questions (form to be filled for the SMA, deadlines, etc.), please contact:
– Master in mathematics and in applied mathematics (ing. math): [email protected];
– Master in computational science and engineering: [email protected]

For both types of exchanges, we request that you read carefully the Information on the Registrar’s office website regarding the application conditions and procedure. Moreover, the specialists at the Student exchange office are available by appointment; to schedule a meeting, please contact the student services desk.
You would like to carry out your Masters project at another university:

First you must find a professor in the Section of mathematics who will be responsible for your project; this person will be the official EPFL project supervisor and will participate in the exam. You also need the approval of the Director of the Section of mathematics; for this purpose, please fill in the ad hoc form and give it to the SMA secretariat.