Pool of laptops for associative events

Laptops to borrow for your events

Laptops to borrow for your events

A pool of 30 laptops is available for loans within the framework of events organized by associations recognized by the EPFL. Laptops are conditioned in boxes of transport; a box contains 5 laptops.

For safety reasons and to facilitate the transport of the equipment, the loan is made by default by box (minimum 5 laptops). If your needs limit themselves to 1 or 2 machines, the loan is also possible but it is necessary to specify in that case the number of computers wished in the form of loan, under “comments”. The loans are only made on a short duration and cannot exceed 1 week.

Please make the request vis the portal http://it.epfl.ch > support > Poseidon (laptops – support and discount) > Demande de prêt POSEIDON pour un événement.

The description of the equipment as well as the conditions of the loan are available for consultation here.