COVID-19 Operating Committee

EPFL’s upper management decided to set up the COVID-19 Operating Committee to coordinate and implement all COVID-19-related decisions made by the upper management. It includes representatives from across the School, including the EPFL Assembly, AGEPoly and the EPFL Teachers Council.

Committee duties

The Committee coordinates and implements the decisions made by EPFL’s upper management. Committee members are responsible for implementing the Committee’s decisions within the bodies they represent. More specifically, Committee members are called on to:

  • coordinate all operational activities related to COVID-19
  • update the Directive setting out the conditions underpinning EPFL’s COVID-19 protection plan
  • inform the Committee chair and the general secretary about any developments that require the Committee’s attention or a decision
  • act and make decisions on behalf of the bodies they represent
  • provide the Committee with the information it needs to make decisions
  • implement, or ensure implementation of, the Committee’s decisions within the bodies they represent.

The Committee chair keeps EPFL’s upper management informed of the Committee’s activities.

Committee members

ChairMatthias Gäumann

AGEPoly: Manon Boissat

EPFL Assembly: Fabio Zuliani

EPFL Teachers Council: Emad Oveisi

Student Affairs: Kathryn Hess Bellwald

Legal affairsSonia Gander

Outposts (GE, FR, NE and VS): Martin Gonzenbach

Finance: Stéphane Kury

Human resources: Claudia Noth

Security, safety and facility management : Eric Du Pasquier

IT systems: Rafael Corvalán

Communications and events: Corinne FeuzMaureen DécosterdFrédéric Rauss

Scientific advisory committe

The School’s management team is also being advised by a scientific committee composed of Professors Jacques Fellay, Tamar Kohn, Athanasios Nenes, Marcel Salathé, Patrick Thiran and Didier Trono, as well as Dr. Sylvie Berney.