Administrative matters

Services provided by the VPFI: Instructions and procedures

Find information on SNOW forms, reimbursement of expenses for a cancelled travel or event, and best practices for cancellation/deferral of academic and business travels in the VPFI Toolbox (in french).

Best practices

The processes for transmitting invoices and orders for payment set up via ServiceNow remain. There is no longer any sending of invoices by internal mail, nor any use of analytical stamps.

The only documents to be sent by internal mail are:

  • Viseca monthly statements/accounts (SDG2)
  • Small cash accounts

Please ask your suppliers to send you their bills by email. 

Mail and parcels

Mail delivery as well as collection of external mail has returned to normal.


Please remember that you must update your CAMIPRO card every three months on Hotspot in order to maintain offline access rights.

If you wish to modify your CAMIPRO access rights, please contact your normal CAMIPRO manager.

It is now possible to add money to CAMIPRO from your TWINT account.

Questions and information

You should continue to refer to this website. The information in this email will also be added to it. If you have any questions about administrative matters, please submit them through the Service Now form.