Administrative matters

Now that all EPFL staff are working from home, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some information about ongoing administrative matters.

One exception to the ban on coming to campus

As you have learned from our various messages, you are required to work remotely and are not permitted to come to campus. The only exception is if you need to pick up mail or deal with bills, under the following conditions:

  • You are permitted to come to EPFL on Thursday, 19 March, or Friday, 20 March, as long as you show this message (printed copy or on your phone) – it is the only acceptable proof of DSPS authorization.
  • You can only stay long enough to pick up and scan mail and bills in accordance with the VPFI’s instructions (see attached document: VPFI-COVID-19).
  • You should arrange things with other people going to the same building so that you don’t all go at the same time.
  • You should keep your distance from other people, in keeping with the FOPH recommendations.
  • You mustn’t gather around the multifunction printer/scanners or in the cafeterias.
  • You need to keep your time on campus to an absolute minimum, no more than two hours in any case. You are not permitted to come and spend the day working on campus – you may only scan mail and bills.

Please comply with these measures, which are very strict but absolutely essential given this extraordinary situation. We must all live up to our responsibilities.

Services provided by the VPFI: how to get bills processed and paid, and how to contact the VPFI

Given the circumstances, we must focus on keeping the School running, and this includes processing financial transactions. The attached file provides the information you’ll need to ensure we can continue to receive payments and pay bills without a hitch.

Mail service

The caretakers will continue to deliver mail. However, the delivery of internal mail has been halted until further notice.

If possible, please scan any documents you wish to share and send them by email.


Please do not place any orders during this period, in order to limit the number of deliveries to campus.

You should also contact your suppliers and ask them to send their bills via email.

We will provide further information on package delivery by shipping carriers other than the Swiss Post Office.


This is not a particularly crucial issue, but please be aware that refrigerators and food containers will be cleaned by ISS staff, and any perishable items will be thrown away. No one is allowed to go to EPFL in order to retrieve any food left in the refrigerators.

Questions and information

You should continue to refer to this website. The information in this email will also be added to it. If you have any questions about administrative matters, please submit them through the Service Now form.