Administrative matters

The campus has gradually reopened since Monday, 4 May. However, the measures below remain in force until further notice. Please continue to work remotely.

Services provided by the VPFI: Instructions and procedures

We must focus on keeping the School running, and this includes processing financial transactions. Please see below for the information you’ll need to ensure we can continue to receive payments and pay bills during this period of remote working.

Supplier invoices/payment orders

Please ask your suppliers to send you their bills by email. 

The invoicing processes via ServiceNow remain in place and should be used wherever possible. Units must scan all invoices that they receive.

Mail and parcels

Mail service

Internal and external mail will be physically delivered to the stations.

Outgoing internal and external mail will be collected from the stations every day.

Internal mail should only be used to send original documents that cannot be scanned.

Mail scanned up to 8 June

All paper invoices that were received and scanned have been filed at the Infocentre.

VISECA documents will be delivered to the stations by the caretakers.

Other correspondence (letters, contracts, etc.) will also be delivered to the stations.


Packages received by mail will be delivered to the stations.

Packages brought by other carriers will be delivered directly to the recipients.

Outgoing packages can be given directly to the building caretakers, or deposited directly at the campus post office with a barcode. Please note that, from 2 June to 28 August 2020, the EPFL branch will be open from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and closed in the afternoon.

If you have any questions about the mail service, including packages, please contact your building’s caretaker.


Please remember that you must update your CAMIPRO card every three months on Hotspot in order to maintain offline access rights.

If you wish to modify your CAMIPRO access rights, please contact your normal CAMIPRO manager.

It is now possible to add money to CAMIPRO from your TWINT account.


Parking fees will be reinstated on 8 June.


You should also contact your suppliers and ask them to send their bills via email.

Questions and information

You should continue to refer to this website. The information in this email will also be added to it. If you have any questions about administrative matters, please submit them through the Service Now form.