Automated correction and scanning for exams

Summer Session Exam 2022

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The CAPE/CEPRO has developed a service to support teachers in the preparation, digitization, automatic correction of multiple choice questions and the generation of statistics and results.

It offers personalized support according to needs, technical knowledge and type of exam.

Scanning of exam copies

  • Use of QR code to detect the first page of copies.
  • Storage in a secure room during the examination period.
  • Scanning of copies
  • Provision of scanned files on a secure network drive

Automated exam correction with AMC (Auto-Multiple-Choice)

The system recommended at EPFL is the open source Auto-Multiple-Choice (AMC) software based on LaTeX. AMC works with Linux (as well as MacOS within certain limits).

This software allows in particular the personalization of student papers, the automatic mixing of questions/answers, the automatic correction of multiple-choice questions and the generation of annotated PDFs.

A command line tool (BAMC), numerous scripts and templates have also been developed to facilitate the preparation, processing and generation of statistics and results.

CEPRO supports teachers and their assistants through :

  • provision of templates and scripts
  • compilation and generation of files for printing
  • coordination with the Reprography department for printing
  • digitization and processing of automatic corrections
  • provision of annotated PDF files as well as results and statistics files


However, we remind you that teachers remain entirely responsible for their own exams.

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