Create a partnership

Partnership, how does it work?

We offer cultural entities in the region promotional tools on the EPFL campus in exchange for free tickets, backstage visits, a conference with a director, etc…

EPFL’s population consists of about 10,000 students and 6,000 employees.

A large community to which you can share your offers in the following ways:

The cultural newsletter:

Followed by nearly 3000 subscribers, students and collaborators, our newsletter gives a high profile to your events and the offers you propose to our community.

You have the choice of offering as many tickets as you wish.
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Your digital poster on EPFL screens:

EPFL has about twenty screens located throughout the site that display “digital posters”. They are positioned in strategic locations such as student reception, cafeterias, etc…

Required screen format: jpg image, 1920/1080 pixels landscape format at 72dpi. We add the EPFL logo and have it displayed on the screens 2 weeks before your event.

Mention of our partners:

On our website we present your contact details, the partnership we have together and make a link to your website.
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Stand on the EPFL Esplanade:

We offer you the possibility, during the year, to organize a stand on the Esplanade of the EPFL at noon. We provide you with tables and chairs.