The philosophy of the teaching lies on an exploration of the modalities according to which sustainable architecture principles can contribute to the design of buildings by including an efficient and parsimonious use of nonrenewable resources, optimal comfort of the user, an optimum consideration of the specific climate and, more broadly, an optimization of environmental sociocultural and economic criteria.

The IDEAS project has the objective to offer at EPFL an adapted, innovative and attractive answer to the following assessments and visions:
– Essential issues: Based on changes in societal awareness of environmental issues and research for improved performance in buildings, sustainability issues will play an increasingly important role in research and practice related to architecture and building engineering.
– Global offer: To access it, the teaching of architecture is characterized by a quest for issues of greater integration of sustainability, both at the bachelor and master levels. By completing these steps taken in the field “Sustainable Architecture and Building Technology”, the IDEAS project aims to provide specialized teaching also at a doctoral level.
– Increased visibility: The proposed teaching also aims to enhance skills already present at EPFL in this field and to promote the visibility of expertise in sustainable architecture.

In concrete terms, the teaching is organized around the Teaching unit UE K (6 credits) and the Doctoral orientation (2 credits). In parallel, informal meetings are organized to encourage networking of doctoral students, employees of different laboratories and researchers (“IDEAS Lunches“). Open to a broader audience, the IDEAS Lectures are given by external speakers, both from the academic sphere and the private sector.