Core courses in computational mathematics, modeling and HPC: (30 ECTS)

  • I.   Computational Mathematics
  • II.  High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • III. Stochastic / Visualization
  • IV. Introduction to Modeling

Applications courses in modeling for continuum and discrete mechanics, multiscale physics, numerical methods and algorithms for high performance computing: 30 ECTS in total. Choose 3 of subjects out of 4: 

  • Computational Modeling Based on Differential Equations ≥8 ECTS
  • Computational Methods Based on Discrete Systems ≥8 ECTS
  • Numerical Methods, Algorithms, High Performance Systems ≥8 ECTS
  • Data Science ≥8 ECTS

Projects: (30 ECTS)
More details are available here (Master Study Plan CSE.pdf)

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Study plan and rules

Remark: Starting September 2015, the application courses have been merged in a single group at 30 ECTS. This allows more flexibility in the study plan.

A minor in CSE is also available: (30 ECTS)
More details here

For a comprehensive description of graduate programs in CSE, visit the SIAM CSE webpage.