Conferences & events

Bringing visitors to campus

No one is permitted to bring visitors to campus for professional or educational purposes until further notice. We also ask that you postpone private meetings on EPFL campuses. It’s better to postpone a meeting than risk spreading the disease to other people. You can always hold video conferences using Zoom.


All events scheduled to be held at EPFL or the SwissTech Convention Center between now and 19 April 2020 have been cancelled or postponed.

This decision takes effect on Thursday, 12 March 2020. It applies to all EPFL events regardless of where they are to be held – including off-campus events and events at our other four campuses.

The situation will be reassessed and we will update you in due course.

Latest News

EventDateStatus (31 March 2020)
Forward03 March 2020postponed to 30 November 2020
Bootcamp Business Concept Training07 March 2020cancelled
MT180 – My Thesis in 180 Seconds12 March 2020Held without an audience. Broadcasted live on Facebook
Swissolar12 to 13 March 2020underway
Conference “Science and Faith : (im)possible mix ?” with Professor Thomas Rizzo12 March 2020postponed
Mind Games12 March 2020postponed
IC Boost Day12 March 2020cancelled
FIFDH: The Great Hack12 March 2020cancelled
Festival Artiphys13 March 2020cancelled
Dialogues Durabilité: mobilité et développement durable16 March 2020behind closed doors with video feed
Blood donation17 to 18 March 2020maintained
eSpace Workshop: Swiss and Japan Workshop on Micro/nano/pico-satellite Design and Applications17 March 2020cancelled
Satellite: Saint Patrick’s Day18 March 2020cancelled
Physics Students & Alumni Event18 March 2020cancelled
Callista: light pollution conference19 March 2020cancelled
Imagine If! Launch Event19 March 2020cancelled
34th Championship of Mathematical and Logical Games: semifinals21 March 2020cancelled
Annual Meeting of stressnetwork24 March 2020cancelled
Industry Day25 March 2020cancelled
EPFL Extension School’s 100th COS Celebration26 March 2020postponed
Campus lecture Rob Greenfield26 March 2020cancelled
Challenge26 to 29 March 2020cancelled
Ig Nobel Award Tour Show30 March 2020cancelled
Semaine du monde30 March to 3 April 2020cancelled
Startup Champions Seed Night 202031 March 2020cancelled
Microengineering Studentrs & Alumni Event1 April 2020cancelled
Dialogues Durabilité: développement durable dans la restauration8 April 2020postponed
PolyLAN10 to 13 April 2020cancelled
Orc’Idee18 to 19 April 2020postponed
AlleyCat23 April 2020cancelled
Michel Mayor Lecture25 April 2020cancelled
Forum des 10030 April 2020postponed to 25 September 2020
Innovation leaders 202030 April 2020cancelled
LIMNA Symposium6 May 2020cancelled
Balelec8 May 2020cancelled
34th Championship of Mathematical and Logical Games: swiss final, Olten9 May 2020cancelled
Rollout – Lausanne Racing Team12 May 2020cancelled
Bernoulli Lecture – Professor Emmanuel Candès25 June 2020cancelled
34th Championship of Mathematical and Logical Games, international final, EPFL28 to 29 August 2020cancelled