Beginning on 26 June 2021, all events and work-related meetings must comply with the cantonal directives and federal directives currently in effect.

Event requests must be submitted to Mediacom Events at least two months before the date of the event, via the online form, in order to meet the deadline for informing the cantonal authorities. The event organizer is responsible for informing the local authorities of events.

Requests for meetings, rehearsals, thesis defenses, filmed presentations and science outreach events must be submitted to Mediacom Events, via the online form at least five business days in advance.

Off-campus events must comply with the rules in effect at the venue in question.

Consumption of food and drinks at events

Allowed, depending on the number of participants and if the event is indoors or outdoors, in accordance with the federal ordinance

Fewer than 30 participants: allowed, no special restrictions.

Between 30 and 500 participants, event held outside: allowed, no special restrictions.

Between 30 and 250 participants, event held inside: only allowed in a restaurant-type establishment.