Authorization requests, protection plans

  • Indoor events

All indoor events run by EPFL or by an EPFL association, or that will be held on an EPFL campus, must require participants to show a COVID certificate. This applies to all types of events (conferences, thesis public defence, performances, concerts, exhibitions, dances, sports/celebratory/cultural events, seminars, workshops, and so on).

  • Outdoor events

For events with up to 500 people, COVID certificates do not need to be checked and face masks are not mandatory.

If there are more than 500 people, security staff must check COVID certificates, and the area in which the event is held needs to be cordoned off, with controlled entry.

Requests for event approval must be submitted to Mediacom Events at least five business days before the event using the online form.

Protection plans: Event organizers must submit a specific protection plan for approval (see link below). The form needs to be filled in completely, signed and submitted along with the event request.

COVID certificates

For up to 200 participants, the event organizer is responsible for ensuring that COVID certificates are checked at the entrance. Random checks will be run during events to ensure that this procedure is being properly carried out.

If there are more than 200 participants, COVID certificates must be checked by trained security staff in agreement with EPFL’s Response and Safety Service (SIS). The event organizer will be responsible for paying these staff.

Food and drinks

  • Events held in a catering establishment: subject to the rules applicable to restaurants.
  • Events not held in a catering establishment:
    • If indoors, COVID certificates are mandatory.
      Food and drinks can be served with or without a caterer and without any specific restrictions, but this must take place in an area that is cordoned off so that checks can be carried out.
    • Outdoors:
      No restrictions for up to 500 people.
      For more than 500 people, COVID certificates must be checked.

Face masks

For events that require a COVID certificate, face masks are not mandatory but are nevertheless strongly encouraged. Please note, however, that event organizers may require face masks.

Speakers and performers are allowed to remove their masks while speaking or performing as long as they maintain the proper distance from other people.