Work-related meetings

Work-related meetings must be held by video conference whenever possible. In-person meetings can have a maximum of 5 people and must take place in compliance with EPFL’s health and safety rules.

Work-related meetings are meetings that are part of staff members’ normal work duties and that are required for a unit to fulfill its missions.

All other gatherings, apart from study sessions and academic exams, are limited to five people: this includes trainings, seminars, association meetings, and so on.


All types of EPFL events, whether on the Lausanne campus, on one of EPFL’s other sites, or on non-EPFL premises (conferences, symposiums, cultural and celebratory events, etc.), are no longer permitted, through 31 January 2021, including for EPFL-approved associations.

We advise you not to hold any private events, but if you do, you must comply with the federal and cantonal rules applicable to events.

Cultural sites

All cultural sites, such as ArtLab, Archizoom and Musée Bolo, are closed until further notice.

Units’ year-end parties and gifts

Units are prohibited from holding year-end meals and cocktail events. Expenses for such events will not be reimbursed. No expenses incurred from 1 November 2020 to 31 January 2021 for year-end meals or cocktail events will be paid for (if billed by outside service providers) or reimbursed through expense reports. If such expenses are paid with an individual EPFL credit card or a credit card given to a unit for EPFL purchases, they will be treated as personal expenses and deducted from the pay of the cardholder or the corresponding unit manager.

Units are authorized to give year-end gifts to employees if those gifts are purchased from local or regional shops, producers or artisans. However, vouchers and donations to charities
are not allowed.