Lecture “Music, Politics and Society”, year 2018-2019

The five student works published here were carried out as part of the 2018-2019 annual master’s course in musicology “Music, politics and society” (Professor Constance Frei, assistant Grégory Rauber) of the SHS program of the EPFL College of Humanities (CdH). The subject of the course proposed a musicological approach to the archives of the Montreux Jazz Festival preserved on the EPFL campus and processed by the Metamedia Center (now Cultural Heritage & Innovation Center, CHC) under the direction of Alain Dufaux. A truly extraordinary event: for the first time in history, the archives of the Montreux Jazz Festival have been opened to EPFL students in the frame of a lecture. The objective of this course was also to create a link between the different actors of EPFL, between musicological education and technological innovation around the Montreux Jazz Digital Project. This dialogue proved to be not only fruitful and stimulating but also of an incredible richness in terms of discoveries and collaborations. Here we would like to warmly thank Alain Dufaux and Charlotte Graber, scientific assistant at CHC. The students’ mission was to carry out research work on a subject of their choice on the basis of documents available in the archives (audio and video recordings, databases, photos, interviews, etc.). Many original themes have been the subject of SHS memoirs of remarkable quality. In an open and participatory research process, the first five works on the list were selected for this online publication.

Constance Frei, Grégory Rauber


Eliane Brechbühl

Max Hurni

Sacha Kozma

Laurie Charron-Lozeau

Les femmes artistes au Montreux Jazz Festival : statistiques et études de cas

Pauline Pradal

Emile Luong

Andrea Foletti

Brahim Mohamed Ben Hamouda

1991-1993 : les années Quincy Jones au Montreux Jazz Festival

Guillaume Clément Dupont

Enrico Chizzolini

Lothaire Creppy

Maseeh Takhtravanchi

Emergence du Hip-Hop au Montreux Jazz Festival

Claire Bourmaud

Raphaël Moneuse

Marie Demonceaux

Le Rock Psychédélique au Montreux Jazz Festival

Tomas Giro

Antoine El Hani

Albéric Lajarte

Montreux Jazz Festival : programmation gratuite

Paul Campredon

Aurelien Morel

Arnaud Garin

Clément Dromart

Images et sons : techniques et enjeux d’enregistrement et d’archivage au Montreux Jazz Festival entre 1967 et 1993

Charlotte Trottet

Cyrill Lippuner

Pierre Georges

Constance Crouigneau

Les techniques d’enregistrement et d’archivage du Montreux Jazz Festival : de la HD à l’ADN

Lucas Biotto

Elias le Boudec

Lennard Ludwig

Ilian Perez

Feeling Good au Montreux Jazz Festival

Sabine Uldry

Francesco Anfosso

Pierre Girard

Anton Furazhkin

40 ans d’affiches du Montreux Jazz Festival : 1967-2006. Qui sont les artistes qui se cachent derrière les affiches ?

Priscilla Abou Karam

Joëlle Hanna

Amin Mekacher

Montreux Jazz Festival : analyse des affiches (2006-2018)

Baptiste Mercier

Jean-Baptiste Membrado

Mathieu Lillaz

Le synthétiseur au Montreux Jazz Festival

Cécile Trottet

Baptiste Heriard-Dubreuil

Pauline Rossé

Antoine Faivre

Georgia on my mind sur la scène du Montreux Jazz Festival

Julien Couyoupetrou

Alexis Philip George-Georganopoulos

Le violoncelle au Montreux Jazz Festival

Mathieu Ducroux

Vincent Coriou

Aude Sangnimorte

La place du violon sur la scène du Montreux Jazz Festival

Manuel Stathis

Sofia Kypraiou

Prince at the Montreux Jazz Festival

David Sanchez

Dana Mozaffari

Flamenco, Jazz Manouche et leurs déclinaisons au Montreux Jazz Festival

Adrien Gimonnet

Simon Le Bail-Collet

Reprises de chansons populaires en version Jazz au Montreux Jazz Festival

Simon Cerf-Carpentier

Omar Imadiouni

Montreux Jazz Festival : Phil Collins & la TR808