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The NGO Council is a cross- cutting and collaborative platform comprising 26 NGOs including WWF, Human Rights Watch, Médecins Sans Frontières, and other well-established organizations to collaboratively source EPFL’s research and innovation that could strategically accelerate their impact on the field. The NGO Council is the main source for identifying the research challenges. Adopting a trans-disciplinary approach, we foster large-scale implementation of innovative technological solutions in the global South.

Tech4Dev NGO Council Members benefit from:

  • Co-create the strategic roadmap of the NGO Council and connect with NGOs from a variety of sectors (from human rights to sustainability)  in order to identify common interests for common impact focus working groups to leverage how innovation and technology can be leveraged by NGOs to increase their impact.
  • Common, cross-sectoral innovation working groups to design and implement hands-on tech for good projects initiated by NGO Council Members around strategic impact topics (e.g. big data, AI or block-chain) depending on common needs.
  • Deep dive into disruptive technologies that have the potential to increase your NGO’s impact (opportunity to participate several times a year).
  • Speakers: leading EPFL researchers and thought leaders from corporates, start-ups and civil society.

  • Facilitated access to EPFL’s research labs (e.g. for exclusive bilateral innovation projects), as well as to relevant start-ups from the EPFL ecosystem (e.g. for joint technological developments, partnership collaborations, etc).

Become NGO Council member

In order for an NGO to be part of the NGO Council it will have to adhere to the criteria below:

  • Longstanding engagement in poverty reduction and emergency aid
  • Be legally incorporated as an NGO
  • Be required having operations in one or more countries in the global South where innovative technologies represent significant potential
  • Have sound, specific programmes for [relevant] assistance [activities], advocacy and development which corresponds to SDC’s general priorities and target groups;
  • Have adequate personnel and in-country organizational structures, including staff, field offices, vehicles and access to communications.
  • Ability to provide the necessary complementary inputs, especially technical supervision and support for the relevant research activities
  • Strong track record and willingness to work with communities and community-based organizations in line with SDC’s Human Rights Policy
  • Open to collaborate with government infrastructure in the Global South and willing and able to work with the responsible Government authorities at all levels

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In you have any additional question concerning the NGO Council, do not hesitate to contact us!

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