Summer School 2021

The Tech4Dev Summer School aims to equip the next generation of global changemakers with the knowledge, tools, and skills to realize disruptive ideas and have a positive impact.

Program Description

The Tech4Dev Summer School is a 8-weeks immersive virtual experience for students from across the world with the aim to develop innovative and sustainable solutions addressing core societal challenges  in the Global South. 

The program is free and jointly organized by a consortium of internationally renowned universities and NGO’s under the leadership of EPFL Tech4Dev

The program is opened to all Bachelor and Master students from all around the world. You need to be confident to interact in English language and committed to dedicate time and passion to the full duration of the program. We are looking for students with an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to have an impact.

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 Throughout the 6 weeks, students will: 

  • Learn and apply main concepts of sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Learn the development process of sustainable technologies as well as the context-specific challenges involved in their real application 
  • Develop teamwork and intercultural communication skills by working in teams with students from around the world 
  • Build and be part of community of student entrepreneurs

Every week, you can expect a workshop, a group work session and a mentoring feedback session.

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  • Bachelor and Master students
  • Confident to interact in English language
  • Committed to dedicate time and passion to the full duration of the program 
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to have an impact
  • Submit a 1 minute video explaining why you are motivated and a good fit for the program
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to have an impact
  • You want to acquire hands-on skills to solve real world challenges
  • You are interested in developing a network with NGOs and sustainability-driven entrepreneurs
  • Applications are open until the 31st of May 2021
  • The Summer School will take place from the 28th of June 2021 to the 1st of September 2021
  • There will be a break of one week from the 2nd of August 2021 to the 8th of August 2021

Is there a fee for the summer school?

No, the summer school is free. 

What are the typical weekly schedules of the summer school ?

Every week, you will have : 

A content workshop : Monday, 4 PM – 6 PM CEST

A mentoring sessions with the NGO : Tuesday, 4 PM – 6 PM CEST (could change depending of the NGO mentor’s availability)

A peer2peer session with the other participants : Thursday, 4 PM – 5 PM CEST

5 hours of personal/team work

I have some exams during the first weeks of the summer school, can I still apply ?

Yes you can. Tell us about your exam dates in the application form so that we can assess if you would miss any mandatory session.

Are all the online sessions mandatory ? 

Yes. However, we remain flexible in the case that you absolutely cannot join one of our sessions and ask you to inform us in advance.

Is there a certificate at the end of the program ?

Yes, we will provide you a certificate stating that you have participated to the summer school.

Can I choose the team I will be working with during the program ?

No, we will be creating the teams according to your challenge preferences. 

Can I change my challenge before or during the program ?

No, any change of challenge before or during the program would considerably complicate the organisation of the program.

Can I work on more than 1 challenge during the program ?

No, you and your team will be assigned one challenge that you will have to focus on. We will take your preferences into account when assigning challenges and creating teams, however we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your first choice.

Can I apply with my own project that I am already working on ?

You will be assigned to one challenge for the summer school and shouldn’t already come with a solution, as you will be defining it with your team through the different sessions. However, after some weeks, if you think that your project can be a good fit for the challenge, feel free to speak about it with your team.

I am a young graduate or a PhD student, can I still apply to the summer school ? 

Yes, feel free to apply if you graduated less than 6 months ago or if you are a PhD. We will take your application into consideration. 

What should be the 1 minute application video about ?

In the 1 minute application video, we would like to know : who you are, why you are motivated in participating to the summer school and why you think you are a good fit for the program.

Is the 1 minute application video mandatory ?

Yes. If you don’t submit any video, you will considerably lower your chances of being selected for the program.

I don’t know how to upload my video through a link in the application form, what should I do ? 

Fill the form and send us your video via email with your name, so that we can create a link and put it in the form.

Can I apply after 31st May ? 

We will not take any late application into account. 

Do I have to participate to the 6 weeks of the program ?

Yes, when you apply you take the commitment of participating to the full program if you are selected. 

I don’t find the answer to my question in this F.A.Q, what should I do ? 

Please contact us via email.

Tiphaine Detoudeville

[email protected]