Striking for greater equality at EPFL

— EPFL’s campus was one of the sites of the 14 June women’s strike. A UNIL-EPFL collective of female staff and students used the opportunity to deliver a manifesto to EPFL’s Senior Management.

Respect: Harassment and Mobbing Website

— The entire EPFL community – staff members and students alike – can find comprehensive information on the issue of harassment and mobbing on EPFL’s Respect website.

Conciliation family/professional life remains stagnant in Switzerland

— For the Swiss, employers did not become more family-friendly in 2019, according to a Pro Familia survey. The reconciliation of family and professional life is stagnating compared to last year.

Nomination of an EPFL woman professor

— The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of two professors, including one woman, at EPFL

June 14 - Campus Actions - Direction Decision

— The EFL direction has taken note of the program of activities organized by the "Collectif 14 juin" of EPFL on the Lausanne campus.

Progress and "work in progress" on gender equality

— Young women now have a level of education equal to or higher than that of young men. Compared to the early 1990s, women are much more likely to have a professional activity. Part-time work has increased for both women and men. Within families, there is a trend towards a more balanced distribution of professional activity between the sexes. These are some of the results that the Federal Statistical Office publishes in its 5th edition of the brochure on equality between women and men.

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