“I update my lessons every year, otherwise I get bored”

— Rizlan Bernier-Latmani, who heads EPFL’s Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, has been named the best teacher in the environmental sciences and engineering section for 2019.

Maryna Viazovska receives the 2019 Fermat Prize

— Professor Maryna Viazovska at EPFL has won the 2019 Fermat Prize for research in Mathematics for her solution to the famous sphere packing problems in dimensions 8 and 24.

“I'm constantly challenging myself”

— Cécile Hébert, an associate professor who frequently tests out new teaching tools and methods, has been awarded the prize for best physics teacher at EPFL.

Katie Bouman, the scientist who reveals the invisible

— The first-ever image of a black hole was unveiled to the public this past April. It was produced by a team of 200 scientists as part of the Event Horizon Telescope Project. Katie Bouman, an assistant professor at Caltech, was at the center of the action. On a recent visit to EPFL, she talked about computer science with President Martin Vetterli.

EPFL honors a climate advocate

— The EPFL-WISH Foundation will award this year’s Erna Hamburger Prize to German marine biologist Antje Boetius.

Claudia R. Binder appointed dean of ENAC

— Professor Claudia R. Binder will take over as the new dean of ENAC on 1 January 2020. We spoke with her about her plans to make the school a center of excellence in advancing the sustainability of our natural and built environment.

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