Frequently Asked Questions

Where is located the Solution Preparation Facility?

The Solution Preparation laboratory is located in room SV 1822.

Which are the opening hours of the Facility?

The Facility is opened from 8:00AM to 12:00PM And from 1:30PM to 4:30PM

Who is entitled to use your services?

Our services are available only to the laboratories located in the EPFL Campus. Our products are delivered in the laboratory areas of the SV and AI buildings only. All orders from units located in other buildings should be collected directly in room SV 1822 during opening hours.

What kind of solutions are proposed?

Our Solution Preparation Facility proposes commonly used culture media and buffers. You will find our catalog in the page below.

Where can one find your product list?

Our solution and service list can be found in the page here below.

How can one order solutions from your catalog?

You can fill in the form available in the page indicated here below.

What are your delivery delays?

– All orders of in stock products placed before noon are delivered within 24hours;

– For all orders of out of Stock solutions (specific agar plates or solutions) a 6 days delivery delay is applied to allow the quality control to take place before the delivery;

– For all products not listed in our catalogue or any special orders, feel free to contact us by sending an email or calling our Facility at the number 37370.

Is it possible to pick up the orders directly at your Facility?

– If you are a user from the SV or AI buildings and in case of emergency, please place your order online as usual and give us a call. We will let you know if your solutions are ready and can be picked up in our laboratory before the regular delivery;

– All the other users should pick up their orders directly at our Facility. An email will be send to the requesters with the availability of their solutions and details on any delays.

Is it possible to order a solution which is not in your catalog?

All requests of buffers of media to be produced regularly or in large quantities are investigated. However, we do not produce small amounts of specific solutions that would be needed occasionnally. Our specialists remain available to advise you on these specific requests.

NB: We do not engage in producing media or buffers which resulting price would be higher than an equivalent solution available commercially.

How much do your solutions cost?

You will find our price list iby clicking on the link below.

For all requests of special out-of-catalog solutions, a quotation is sent to your head of unit for validation before starting the production.

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