The [email protected] initiative was launched in January 2019 by EPFL President Martin Vetterli with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary expertise and cutting-edge research at EPFL.


The [email protected] initiative revolves around the following core missions:

  • federate the broad imaging community at EPFL by identifying topics and needs of common interest;
  • be the incubator of new research ideas and collaborative projects in imaging;
  • develop resources valuable to the community and favor cross-fertilization;
  • provide state-of-the-art imaging infrastructure, equipment and technology;
  • promote open science practice in imaging;
  • attract and train students to acquire world-class expertise in imaging.

Current Actions

Various concrete actions will be implemented in the immediate and longer-term future. The current focus is on:



Dr. Laurène Donati

Scientific Coordinator

[email protected]

0041 21 693 51 36


BM 4142 (Bâtiment BM)

Station 17

CH-1015 Lausanne