In order to extend their master´s degree by learning knowledge typical to other sections of EPFL, students can choose to follow a training offered through a Minor.

What exactly is a Minor?

A minor is a group of optional courses proposed by one or more sections of EPFL. The goal of minors is to offer to the future engineers a complementary education expanded to other fields. Each Minor rewards you with 30 ECTS credits, which have to be obtained during the Master program. The transdisciplinary Minors consist of either a multidisciplinary subject, or an additional training compared to the traditional engineering education. This allows engineers to experience and obtain further knowledge by offering them new career possibilities. Furthermore, each Section offers a disciplinary Minor to students from other sections. Each section recommend to its student only some of the proposed minors.

Hence, the students have to choose and validate:

  • 30 credits of optional courses specific to the chosen Minor and acknowledged by the Section of Civil Engineering
  • 23 credits of optional courses from any field (not necessarily with a connection with the chosen Minor), chosen from the “optional courses” included in the GC Master study plan.


Application deadline for a Minor: at the end of the 1st Master semester (generally in December)