Leica Stereomicroscope

Leica Stereomicroscope
Leica Motorized Stereomicroscope with epifluorescence capability. Boasts a color camera and multiple fluorescence filters.

Leica Stereomicroscope with color camera and epifluorescence. Fully motorized except for the sample stage.

Person in charge: José Artacho

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Technical Specifications

Stand: Leica MZ 16 1FA
XY-Stage: Manual
Illumination: LEICA CLS 150X, 100W Mercury lamp 100w for fluorescence
Software: LEICA LAS


CamerasDFC 480 color
Chip TechnologyCCD Color
Sensor Format 2560x 1920
Chip size8.70 mm x 6.50 mm
Pixel size3.4 um x 3.4 um
Dynamic Range12-bit (36-bit color)


ObjectiveMagMediumContrastWD (cm)
PLAN APO0.63xair9.70
PLAN APO1.60xair1.90


The links in the table below will send you to an FPbase configuration page.

GreenBP 450-490LPBS 495BP 500-550GFP3
YellowBP 490-510LP 515BP 520-550YFP
RedBP 451-551LP 565LP 590G