Bioclimatic Habitat | 2014-2016

Architecture and sustainability: Performance studies

Lecturers: Prof. Marilyne Andersen, Prof. Emmanuel Rey, Prof. James Russell, Dan Bolomey, Beat Kaempfen

During the fall semesters 2014 and 2015, the theme of the teaching unit “Architecture and performance studies” (UE K) is “Bioclimatic habitat”. It is inspired by the Solar Decathlon Challenge, a prestigious international competition that challenges university teams from around the world to build and operate a solar-powered house. Students will be asked to explore different ways of modelling and assessing performance in order to conceive the bioclimatic façade of a Solar Decathlon prototype. Emphasis will notably be placed on construction aspects, energy efficiency (in particular passive systems), electrical energy balance (active systems, PV, etc) and environmental impact (LCA).

The UE K course blends architecture and engineering by teaming architecture and engineering students and combining architectural and engineering methods in a very practical project based learning format.

The course is conceived with the aim of achieving complementarity with the two other mandatory courses of the Orientation J “Architecture and sustainability”. Students apply vital tools and methodologies acquired in the course “Comfort and architecture: sustainable strategies”) and in the related design studios (“Swisstainable Habitat” in 2014 and “2050 Sous le soleil exactement” in 2015).