Legal Affairs

The Director of Legal Affairs, reporting to the General Secretary, has the following missions:

  • Provide legal advice for the President and senior management regarding the legal implications of EPFL’s major decisions, strategies and transactions;
  • Represent EPFL in legal proceedings involving the School or proceedings concerning scientific misconduct;
  • Management of pending disputes, with support from external counsel;
  • Supervision of the ACCRED database updates;
  • Management of the legislative corpus for EPFL: development, implementation and management of EPFL legislative texts;
  • Coordination of Compliance Guide updates and distribution;
  • Participation in various EPFL committees.


Director of Legal Affairs : Françoise Chardonnens

Deputy Director of Legal Affairs: Sonia Gander Henguely

Data protection Officer: Chiara Tanteri

Senior Legal Counsel: Daniel Pose

Administrative Assistant: Géraldine Guédon

Project Manager: David Gozel

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BS 248
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Tél: +41 (0) 21 693 24 64