Main academic networks

The academic networks allow EPFL to be informed about education and research policy at the international level, to exchange and benefit from good institutional practices (training concepts, pedagogy, management) and to develop close collaborations with high-level partners. They are also a good way to increase our visibility and promote the School.

EuroTech Universities Alliance is a network of 6 high-level European technological universities. It’s new kind of academic collaboration, which implies a greater convergence in the respective strategies of its members.

The RESCIF implements an innovative sustainable cooperation, between 17 universitities, which aims at addressing some of the most important challenges faced by emerging and developing countries.  

CESAER is a network of about fifty European universities of technology.

The European Society for Engineering Education is a network focusing on pedagogical aspects. 

ISCN aims to share information between high-level education institutions in order to integrate sustainability into everyday campus life, research and teaching.

SAR is a network protecting researchers suffering grave threats to their lives, liberty and well-being.

AUF is  a global network of French-speaking of higher-education and  research institutions. In 2021, AUF was composed of 1007 French-speaking academic institutions in 119 countries.

EUA is a large network gathering more than 800 European universities.