General Secretary

The General Secretary supervises the operations of the management and other bodies of the extended management. It coordinates EPFL’s activities in relation to strategic dossiers, as well as the ETH domain and Swissuniversities. It assists and advises the President in his internal and external tasks. It also includes quality assurance and equal opportunities services.



General Secretary: Tristan Maillard

Management Assistant: Dominique Espic

Deputy General Secretary: Adrien Lawrence

Research Associate: Caroline Ferguson

Advisor for institutional relations: Nina Eggert

Senior Advisor: Gérard Escher

Data Scientist: Sarah Gerster

Secretary: Maud Vernez

Web designer: Ivan Savicev


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Legal Affairs

The General Counsel, reporting to the President, is responsible for legal affairs. It is also responsible for coordinating the Presidency’s affairs and accrediting units.

Quality office

The Quality Office manages the Quality Assurance System of EPFL in the fields of Education, Research and School Governance and improves it through internal and external reviews on a regular basis.

Une femme, de face, faisant une signe de refus


EPFL’s strength is rooted in its extraordinary diversity. Our institution thrives because we show consideration for one another and do not remain indifferent in the event of harassment or discrimination.


Family and work-life

These pages are intended to provide information on different aspects related to the reconciliation of maternity or paternity and study or work at EPFL, and on measures promoting a balance between professional life and private/family life. et familiale.

The dual career program

EPFL strongly supports Dual Careers ! EPFL offers a favorable and prosperous work environment and supports its professors partners ‘career continuation and work-life balance as well.



Dominique Espic

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