Hydraulics & Energy

The objective of the specialization in hydraulics and energy is to give a multidisciplinary education to the students, giving them the possibility to understand, design, and manage complex systems of hydraulic and energetic infrastructures.

An economical and efficient use of our planet’s water and energy resources is without a doubt a major challenge our societies will have to face during the 21st century.

A granted and sufficient supply of water and energy is necessary to ensure the development and prosperity of societies all around the world. It is also important that the supply of the services in question is done in conditions respecting the principles of sustainable development, in a manner that will not be paid for by future generations, while satisfying our current needs.

This requires engineers educated in techniques of analyses and management of the involved systems, while being aware of the economical, environmental and societal implications of projects they might design and build.

Content of education

The education incorporates the theoretical basics and technical knowledge needed by the engineer of the infrastructures and installations in question. The courses deal in particular with:

  • Infrastructures for supply of drinking and industrial water
  • Works along watercourses (usage and protection against water)
  • Dams and hydroelectric structures
  • Energy systems and facilities

The basics in hydrology, hydraulics and geotechnical and structural engineering, as well as systemic approaches to the design and building of these complex systems is deepened. Methods of analysis of the systems in question from a economical, environmental and risk point of view are treated as well.

The different courses making together the specialization in transportation and mobility can be found in the Civil Engineering study plan for a given year, specialization E: ► Study Plan 2021-22

Career oportunities

Thanks to a long tradition in Switzerland, hydraulic and energetic engineering is a rare field in which our country have been exporting for a long time its experience and know-how to the rest of the world with success. Numerous companies and design offices working in this field have acquired respected international reputation and hence provide excellent career opportunities for young engineers looking to prove themselves abroad.

In Switzerland itself, numerous hydraulic and energetic infrastructures already in service are in great need of renovation, maintenance and optimization, in particular given the context of opening and privatization of the markets and the growing awareness of potential environmental impacts of the systems in question.

Furthemore, important projects in the field of watercourse development and revitalisation will need to be done during the current century.