CROSS 2021

Call for projects

Theme : Digital Humanities
Submissions are received until 24 August, 2020
Selected projects will be notified in October, 2020

The dynamic and fast-growing field of digital humanities brings research in the arts, social sciences, and humanities together with cutting-edge empirical methods from computer science, data science, and engineering.

The digital humanities link domain knowledge with digital and computational tools to analyze, model, and critically reflect on social and cultural issues and real-world challenges. Researchers in the field both apply computational methods to the humanities, and integrate humanities thinking into digital systems. Common areas of application include, but are not limited to: cultural heritage, historical archives, audiovisual archives, social media interaction, literature, musicology, user experience, museology, linguistics, humanitarian work, etc.

CROSS welcomes proposals addressing interdisciplinary research questions within the overarching digital humanities framework.

Proposals must come from joint UNIL-EPFL teams, which bring together specialists in the human and social sciences on the one hand, with specialists from life sciences, natural sciences or engineering on the other.

Up to six projects will be selected, with a maximum of CHF 60,000 awarded per project.

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Further information: [email protected]