Student support

Helping Hand

The Helping Hand working group is made up of staff from the Student Affairs office as well as students from AGEPoly and the coaching service. They joined forces to support you during this particularly challenging semester.

Since classes were moved back online, we have been coming up with ideas and concepts that can help you keep up your studies and look after your well-being.

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Advice and assistance

🏫 For staying on top of your coursework

These students are paired up with a mentor to help them with their studies throughout the semester.

Coaches and class delegates are your key contact people and representatives during this particularly challenging time.

Use our feedback form to send us your ideas for making student life easier.

Contact the Student Services Desk for any course-related questions you may have.

Get all our information and advice on our Helping Hand news feed.

Find questions and answers on the fall semester and winter exam session in the Q&A.

👥 For keeping in contact

Use the @PairMeUpBot Telegram bot to meet up with other students. Simply install the Telegram messaging app, enter @PairMeUpBot in the search bar to start speaking with the bot, and tap Start to be guided by the bot.

Polycampus, the server run by AGEPoly, provides information on the association’s activities and the opportunity to ask questions.

EPFL Community, the server run by a student group, provides help with your classes and lets you speak with other students and even play video games.

You can schedule an appointment with one of our counselors or a psychotherapist.

Coaching service consists of over 300 energetic, motivated students who are ready to help EPFL freshmen

The AGEPoly Prevention team is now available to do your shopping if you’re quarantined at home.

You need to sign up in advance. The service itself is free, but you’ll receive a bill afterwards for the cost of your items.

EPFL’s Spiritual Care Service is open and available.

🤗 For staying in shape

The Sports Center offers an array of free online classes, whether you’re interested in Pilates, body toning, yoga or stretching.

Tips on setting up your workspace at home.

💶 For financial and housing assistance

A range of need-based scholarships is available for students in financial difficulty.

Information is available on housing options in the Lausanne are.

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Individual support

If you wish to talk to someone, The EPFL social consultation offers advice, support and coaching to students and PhD students.

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Keys to success

Taking care of yourself is essential to academic success.