Lauzhack event

EPFL – Alain Herzog

In addition to its core activities centred around research, education, and innovation, the CIS encourages and supports several projects.


Cybathlon course

CYBATHLON: The Powered Exoskeleton Race

We are delighted to be a partner of the Powered Exoskeleton Race. Where Paraaplegic athlete Silke Pan brilliantly represented EPFL. Wearing the TWIICE exoskeleton designed by EPFL scientists, she finished in second place in the finals.

Mountains Alps

Low-rank models 2020

One-week winter school on low-rank models, in the Swiss Alps from 12 to 17 January 2020

bits from computer

The Statistics Seminars Series

We promote this seminar series that features research talks from all around the world covering the entire breadth of statistics (including theory, methods, applications, and computation) but also touching on interfacing fields such as applied probability and data science.



There solution uses IMU data from the smartphone and a supervised classification technique to decipher in which pocket/body location the smartphone is currently. The project works on the LauzHack COVID-19 hackathon.


AI-Based App for COVID-19 Screening Using Coughing. This application was worked on during the hackathon.