Pedagogical Workshops Calendar for Teachers

For information on the workshops and courses for teachers, please contact Ingrid Le Duc.

Effective Teaching in Higher Education Programme 2019-2020

The Effective Teaching in Higher Education Programme is a series of workshops which address the typical range of university teaching activities (teaching, presenting, labs and exercise sessions, assessment, using ICT to support students etc.). Workshops can be taken as a series, and a letter of participation is awarded if you teach at EPFL and if you complete the programme. For further details on taking the workshops as a programme see here. Workshops can also be attended on a one-off basis. Please note that EPFL teachers are welcome at the workshops of our partner institutions in the R-CFE network (Réseau romand de conseil, formation et évaluation). In exchange, teachers from these partner institutions are welcome to attend our workshops.

Module 1: Effective Interactive Teaching and Learning To help you implement strategies to increase student participation and to understand the impact of this on student learning.

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Module 2: Effective Lecturing / Communiquer efficacement vos cours To help you structure and deliver lectures effectively / Pour vous aider à identifier et développer votre potentiel de présentation en enseignement.

31 March


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Module 3: Course design With the use of concept maps you can structure a course that integrates learning outcomes, course content and students’ learning activities.

3 March 13h-16h30

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Module 4: Assessment Matters To help you build a valid and reliable evaluation system for your course.

4 May 13h-16h30

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Module 5: How to transform your course into a MOOC This workshop is an opportunity to learn how to produce material that is compatible with the MOOC format using existing lecture notes, presentation slides and exercises. 

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Module 6: Flipping a Class, from 0 to 180° This workshop will introduce the various forms of flipped classroom design and the different instructional techniques that can be used. Hands-on activities will allow the participants to work on the design of their own course.

18 February 13h-16h30 

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Module 7: Leveraging Labs for Learning Explore ways to design lab experiments that help students develop a scientific approach which is transferable to real world complexity.

12 May 13h-16h30

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Module 8: Effective Exercises To help you to design exercise activities, and to structure and manage exercise sessions to maximise student learning and independence. Coming soon

Current Issues workshops

The ‘Current Issues’ series is a number of one-off workshops on pedagogical themes and topics of interest to teachers.

Jupyter notebooks for teaching and learning For teachers who want to explore the potential of Jupyter Notebooks (interactive documents combining executable code and rich text) for teaching and learning.

25 February 13h-16h30

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Lecture Demonstrations in the age of YouTube    This workshop discusses the reasons for using demonstrations in the age of smartphones and instant YouTube clips, as well as it gives practical tips on designing and using demonstrations in different settings. Participants get the chance to design one or more demos relevant to their teaching.

17 March 13h-16h30

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The art of questioning: teaching with clickers Why use clickers in your teaching? In this workshop, we explore the potential of clickers for learning and discuss the challenges related to questioning in class, in particular the design of ‘good’ questions and the use of polling results for generating interactivity in class.

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Body and voice in teaching This workshop aims to help harmonize breath, voice and articulation when teaching. The workshop explores the basis for facing an audience and dealing with stage fright.

28 April


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Améliorer son expressivité et sa voix pour ses cours Comment penser son contenu pour pouvoir bien le dire ? En quoi la voix est une résultante du corps en action ? Quelles techniques vocales mettre en œuvre et exercer ? Coming soon
Increasing Student Motivation for their Learning and my Teaching In this workshop participants discuss how different motivational strategies can be adequate to their specific teaching and learning scenario. The workshop explains the various approaches to student motivation and presents ways to avoid its lack such as absences, lack of interaction and distractions.

Coming soon

Using vocal techniques to teach effectively In this workshop, participants will apply vocal techniques to help them speak audibly, show authority through body posture, occupy space and breathe comfortably to deal with stress.

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Writing and correcting multiple choice exams This workshop has two facets – writing ‘good’ multiple choice questions and how to format the exam to use the automatic correction system at EPFL.

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Other workshops

Several times in the year, we also organize other type of sessions.
Stay away from plagiarism The aim of this workshop is to help participants identify and eliminate text, images and codes that may be interpreted as plagiarism to the PhD supervisor, an expert or a journal reviewer.

24 February

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Other suggested workshops

EPFL teachers are also free to attend workshops (normally in French) in any of the partner universities in the Réseau Romand de Conseil, Formation et Evaluation (R-CFE).