Text and Data Mining

What is Text and Data Mining?

Text and Data Mining (TDM) is a research process using automatic technical analysis methods on large text/data collections. It allows the identification of relationships, patterns, and/or trends that cannot be detected by human means. TDM represents a more comprehensive analysis of information and thus allows the discovery of new knowledge that may subsequently be investigated in a more traditional manner.


Copyright & License conditions

Although TDM is not yet covered by a copyright exception in Switzerland (LDA) and therefore remains an illegal practice if it is performed on copyrighted works, some publishers however already authorize it and make it easier for computers to access their content (e.g. via APIs – Application Programming Interface) for non-commercial purposes. For the resources that the Library provides (institutional subscriptions), these authorizations often require the license agreements to be negotiated upon renewal.

Please contact the Library at [email protected] for TDM support on specific resources.


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