CDM Interdisciplinary grant

2021 CDM Interdisciplinary call – 2nd edition

The CDM Interdisciplinary Call aims to support projects that use an interdisciplinary approach and that are devoted to seeding new collaborative research ties between one of the key research areas of CDM – management, economics, finance, operation research – and another research area present at EPFL.

This call offers the opportunity for EPFL professors to discover the research portfolio and agenda of CDM. Mutual knowledge and information about the research undertaken at each school/college are naturally a pre-requisite for developing interdisciplinary collaborations. The CDM’s 2020 Annual Report, available on the CDM website/section About serves to help this information process.

The full details of the call are available in the official document of CDM Interdisciplinary 2021 Call; here below a short summary of the call details:


  1. Any project between a CDM professor & an EPFL (non-CDM) professor/MER
  2. The new PhD student must be co-supervised by the two professors
  3. The student must be admitted in EDMT or EDFI
  4. Maximum one application per EPFL (CDM or non-CDM) professor/MER


  1. The CDM Direction sponsors 60% of the funds needed for the salary & other research expenses (limited) for a newly hired PhD student to be working on a selected Interdisciplinary project for a maximum of 2 years and a maximum of 42’000 CHF per year.
  2. The remaining 40% of the cost must be covered and shared by the two principle investigators, one CDM Faculty member and one EPFL researcher, using their yearly budget.
  3. The principle investigators are fully responsible for the student’s salary cost for the remaining years of the PhD following the interdisciplinary project.

 How to apply

The Interdisciplinary call Application Form is to be filled and submitted to [email protected] by 31 December 2021 (17:00 CET).

Any questions regarding the call can be addressed to [email protected]

In 2020, the CDM interdisciplinary grant was awarded to 3 projects, which all use an interdisciplinary approach and are devoted to seeding new collaborative research ties. See here for more information on the 2020 CDM interdisciplinary awarded grant projects.