A living landscape

The first stage of the project was carried out between 1972 and 1984 by landscape architect Ursula Schmocker. They are listed in the inventory of the historic gardens of the Canton of Vaud (ICOMOS certified) and certified by the Fondation Nature&Economie. These spaces change with the seasons and are part of the landscape and image of the campus. They have the advantage of offering a rich biodiversity while requiring very little maintenance. In total, these developments represent:

11ha of meadows
40’000 square meters of wooded areas
A pond
14’000 square meters of green roofs
10’000 square meters of planted bins

Biodiversité à l'EPFL
Parcours Vert

A 15-panel trail allows you to discover all the biodiversity of the Ecublens campus: living hedges, meadows, courtyards and gardens, hanging gardens and a piece of water.

EPFL Sustainable Campus supports the Beekeeping project launched by the Unipoly association in 2012. The objective of this project is to learn the methods of raising honeybees and to better understand their ethology. In 2016, Unipoly bees produced 22kg of honey !

Planting a tree is part of the tradition of the great jubilees in our region. In the case of the EPFL’s 50th anniversary, 50 trees will be planted on a new tree-lined square in front of the Epicure restaurant.


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