English skills

Why evaluate your English level?

From your first year at EPFL, you will gradually follow certain courses in English; from the master’s level onwards, many courses are given in English.

According to the Council of Europe’s reference levels, the C1 level in English is generally considered necessary to ensure your academic success.

To enable you to check your language skills, EPFL asks you to take an assessment of your English level at the Language Centre during this autumn semester. This assessment is mandatory for all first year Bachelor students.

Depending on your results, courses adapted to your needs will be offered to you in order to reach the level required for the rest of your studies.

Your level of English will be assessed using DIALANG, a progressive test with several steps:

  • an initial vocabulary assessment
  • a self-evaluation

These assessments will determine the choice of the following questions from the 3 competencies tested:

  • oral comprehension
  • reading comprehension
  • writing expression

It is a series of concrete and real situations where you will be asked to choose the appropriate answers. You will have access to the results immediately at the end of your evaluation. They will be reminded later by e-mail with some tips if you need to improve your English skills.

At the Multimedia Center (EMA) of the Language Center, room CE 2 347.

The test is computer based. Assistants will be present to support you.

Online registration required to choose a time slot: September 2 to October 2, 2019, using IS-Academia‘s secure access, in the “Language Centre” tab.

After this deadline, an evaluation date and time will automatically be assigned to each unregistered student. Start of the test period: from 3 October 2019

Duration of the test: 1h30 to 2h