As part of the Mobility Plan, EPFL has launched an action to promote carpooling among car drivers.

With the slogan Share your ride, share the fun, EPFL Sustainability and the EPFL Innovation Park are organising a draw among all those who register by the end of the year. To be won: vouchers for a great meal around the campus.

Today, of those travelling to the campus by car, the majority is alone in the car (81%). Nevertheless, according to the EPFL mobility survey, carpooling would be the most valid alternative in the event that drivers do not have their private vehicle at their disposal.

In order to further promote carpooling on campus and to better share parking, Durabilité EPFL and the EPFL Innovation Park will soon reactivate the fairpark platform, which connects drivers.

A new feature is now available: occasional carpooling. It allows you to plan your journeys on a daily basis. It is no longer necessary to plan trips for the whole week.

The sharing of travel costs has to be agreed between the carpoolers and is not managed by the payment application myCAMIPRO or the carpooling platform fairpark. Compensation can also be provided in the form of a non-monetary consideration (e.g. meals).

In the event of a cancellation (maximum 12 hours before departure), the amount refundable per journey is a maximum of CHF 20 per person (maximum CHF 60 per month).

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