Study Trips

Main Principles

One-day Study trips

The one-day study trip takes place on one day, in March, and is fixed by the academic service. It takes place on the same date for all EPFL sections and addresses students in the 2nd Bachelor year and students in the 1st Master year. The one-day study trip organizers are the study advisors of the relevant sections, supported by the class delegates.

Please have a look at the guidelines for the one-week study trips organization.

    1. Study trips must follow an educational objective.
    2. A section instructor is present at all times during the trip.
    3. The organization of a study trip is not compulsory.
    4. The “study trip” budget is specifically allocated for this activity and may not be used for other purposes or transferred to the next year. Unused funding amounts must be repaid to the section.
    5. The academic service defines the budget for each section by considering the number of registered students.
    6. Study trips must take place outside of regular coursework periods and may only last one week.
    7. They are organized by the study advisor (organizer) in collaboration with the students.
    8. The study trips take place during the 3rd bachelor year.
    9. They must fit the following criteria defined by the section :

        – minimum number of participating students,

        – educational unit during the trip.

    10. The section directors shall ensure compliance with the principles described above and may refuse to approve a study trip that does not meet the requirements. In particular, they must approve the final program and budget.