One goal: breaking the sailing speed record


On November 24th 2012, Paul Larsen took the sailing world by surprise by smashing the world speed sailing record with an average speed of 121,1 km/h on a 500m track. Seven years later, his record remains unbeaten.

Founded in 2017, SP80 is a team of EPFL students and Alumni who passionately believe that thanks to the alliance of sailing, kitesurfing and engineering, it is possible to significantly outperform this record but also set the standards of a new generation of sailing boats. Based on this vision and gathering members with strong experiences in high speed sailing and engineering, the team has been working since then on the design of a pioneer kite-boat to take up this challenge.

In 2018, the concept has been validated with the help of full-scale kite surfing tests but also with the development of a stability-and-velocity-prediction-program.

Today, convinced of the potential of the project and strong from the scientific support of EPFL, the team is focusing on the design of the technologies and on the creation of technical and financial partnerships to achieve its goals and boost the development of new technologies for sailing and other potential applications.

Website: https://sp80.ch/


Coordinator: Robin Amacher

Manager: Mayeul van den Broek