EDBB Annual report

At the end of the second, third and fourth years of enrolment, the doctoral student must submit an Annual Progress report to be brought directly to the EDBB Director. Kindly refer to the signature procedure at the top of this webpage. The deadline for this report is the anniversary of the date of definite admission to the Doctoral School. Please find the form and appendixes below.

The annual report can only be submitted once you have had your annual follow-up meeting with your thesis Director (and co-Director if any), and the internal expert(s) from the Candidacy exam jury. Please ensure that you have checked the box confirming this. 

As of October 2021, please kindly email your annual report (in one single pdf file) to the EDBB administrator with a brief summary of how you are doing. Please mention in your email if you have any issues you wish to discuss with the EDBB director. A a Zoom meeting can be organized if needed.

Once your annual report has been approved, you will receive the signed version back via email. Thanks for kindly following-up in case of any delay.