Exploring the final frontier

On 14 and 15 September, EPFL’s space experts will take visitors on a tour of the stars

Space Center at the EPFL Open House  – click here

Are you keen to explore the skies – but not ready to leave the ground? At this event, you’ll get the chance to observe and study the stars, learn more about gravity through gravity wells, build and launch a rocket, take a virtual tour of the International Space Station and the universe, travel to the moon and build a lunar village, attend talks and meet special guests. You’ll even receive a souvenir photo as proof of your adventure. This unforgettable experience is being put together by researchers from EPFL’s Laboratories of Astrophysics and of Robotic Systems, the EPFL Space Center and the Swiss Space Center, together with three student clubs – Callista, Rocket Team and Space@YourService.