Specializations GC

Civil Engineering specializations

Our students can give a defined profile to their master degree by choosing one of the specializations of the section of Civil Engineering.

A specialization is made of a set of courses offered to students. The purpose of these courses is to extend a certain aspect the student’s learning field. It represents 30 ECTS credits, which have to be obtained during the Master degree. The specialization has to be chosen no later than the end of the first Master semester (MA1).

Students therefore have to choose and validate:

♦ 30 credits of optional courses directly related to the specialization (precise informations can be found in the courses descriptions)

♦23 credits of optional courses from any field of Civil Engineering (not necessarly related to the student’s specialization), chosen from the optional courses list of the Civil Engineering Master study plan.

NB:If the student chooses a specialization, at least one of the subjects in Block 2 “Compulsory practical subjects” must be related to this specialization