James Holden and The Animal Spirits – electro concert and Artlab guided visits

Thursday November 15 at 8pm
EPFL Rolex Forum

Preceded by free guided visits of the Artlab exhibition at 6:30 pm and 7:15pm

James Holden & The Animal Spirits performs in a concert at the Rolex Forum within the context of the Artlab exhibition dedicated to the evolution of computational thinking from the Middle Ages up to today.

Electronic music is a perfect example of what could stem from the alliance between technology and artistic creation. It is within this idea that Artlab joined Electrosanne to ooffer a concert to the EPFL community and the external public. The concert will be preceded by two commented visits of the exhibition “Thinking Machines. Ramon Llull and the ars combinatoria” for which the preview will be on Friday November 2 at Artlab, EPFL.

The concert:
Electrosanne chose to have James Holden & The Animal Spirits as a guest for a previously unseen concert in French-speaking Switzerland. James Holden, a British psychedelic techno-wizard, is a talented man: manager of the Border Community label, trends producer, genious remixer notably for bands such as Depeche Mode, Boards of Canada or even New Order, James is amongst the most highly rated artists of today. Emerging on the dance music scene already in the 2000s, he has decided to grow apart from his DJing art to focus on uncommon projects. With The Inheritors, a fabulous work of 2013, one perceives in which direction Holden’s music is heading: crepuscular techno, psychedelic spiral and notions of jazz, James likes to surprise. The Animal Spirits is finally the full realization of its great desire. With this new project launched in 2017, electronic music is a springboard to something greater, something which lives and vibrates in his music where jazz, folk and African rituals coexist in a collective euphoria which invades spirit and body. He collaborates in this project with artists such as Tom Page, saxophonist Etienne Jaumet, multi-instrumentalist Liza Bec, Lascelle Gordon from the free-jazz band “Woven Entity”, as well as guitarist Marcus Hamblett. James Holden thus makes his great comeback in Lausanne after being one of the first international resident of the bygone Loft Electroclub.

A concert and an exhibition offering the opportunity to better understand how Ramon Llull, philosopher, logician and theologian born in 1232, still inspires and fascinates thinkers, artists and researchers today.