Staff Challenge 2017

For its third edition, Act for Change took place between the 1st and the 19th of May 2017. All EPFL employees were invited and 515 of them actively participated, representing 9% of the staff!

The winners

For the first time in the history of our platform, two teams had the exact same points!

First prizes: a vegetarian meal at Parfum d’épice

Team Les Gros de Veau with Samuel Dubuis, Diane Guidnard, Orane Jecker, Virginie Ledouble, and Nadine Schmit.

Team Les 100% Doye with Nicolas Accardo, David Constantin and Joris Steve.

Second prize: a cruise and meal on the boat La Vaudoise

Team LGChange with Elias Gebera, Jocelyn Grosse, Isabelle Guillot de Suduiraut, Damien Huzard, Silvia Monari and Olivia Zanoletti.

Third prize: visit of a hive and honey tasting

Team Chlorophylle for ever with Isabelle Vonèche Cardia, Monique Bolli, Claude Lützelschwab, Isabelle Hügli, Néjia Dahmouni Martin and Nicole Aghroum.


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