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Energy Center is EPFL’s interface between its energy research laboratories and the public, companies and investors. Its role is to inform about the latest developements in energy research at EPFL, establish the link with competent laboratories and support the development of collaboration projects.

Energy research at EPFL

EPFL’s research in energy encompasses the five sectors: efficiency, conversion, storage, systems, and society. Take a tour of the labs!

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), efficiency policies could enable the world to achieve more than 40% of the emissions cuts needed to reach its climate goals without new technology. At EPFL, energy efficiency research covers a vast number of aspects such as power-to-gaz and cogeneration, building design, industrial separation processes, small scale turbomachinery, (…)

Cen Storage

Energy storage is the biggest challenge drawn by the transformation of the energy system. The shift from fissile and fossil fuels to renewable energy carriers imply the development of affordable storage systems at an unprecendented scale. EPFL laboratories address energy storage from fundamental to applied research, including materials theory and simulation, metal organic frameworks, and (…)

Along with decentralization and decarbonization, digitalization is the third “D” describing the current worldwide energy transition. Using the campus as a grid laboratory, EPFL researchers develop breakthrough technologies for the electrical grid control and stabilization. For instance, the digitalization of hydropower generation is investigated in large international and interdisciplinary projects and the continent’s energy system (…)

Cen Society

The energy system is not only a connected collection of physical and chemical devices. Society, e.g. human beings, is at the heart of it. New energy technologies must be acceptable, manageable, and affordable. To make it most effective and complete, energy research at EPFL fully embraces topics such human-environment interactions, urban sociology and economics, and (…)

Conversion technologies allow the transformation of energy forms and therefore the recovery of all energy sources, which include: electromagnetic radiation from the sun, internal heat of the earth, thermonuclear fusion or dams. EPFL is one of the main energy research institutions in the world, tackling significant subjects such as perovskite solar cells, thermo / electro (…)

Online tools

Discover playfully how energy choices affect your carbon footprint and calculate your energy consumption.


Energy calculator

Mediacom EPFL’s Energy Center has developed an information platform on energy transition. In particular, it proposes a national energy calculator to develop scenarios for Switzerland’s energy future…

Energy Center Interview Series

EPFL Energy Center is please to present you a new interview series on our center’s actors! With these interviews, we want to provide glimpses of the wonderful and dynamic innovation spirit of EPFL in the Energy Field. Depending on the topic the interviews will be recorder in English or French.

Energyscope MOOCS – 24 short videos on Swiss Energy Transition

What is the energy transition? What does the leave from nuclear energy imply? How much energy do we use? And for what? Why is our electricity consumption increasing? All these questions, as relevant as they are, have their answers on our e-learning platform.