Reversible fuel cell with production and injection of CO2-neutral gas into the network

Solid oxide technology is the only fuel cell technology that is completely reversible, achieving the highest conversion rates in both conversion directions (electricity-gas).

What is a district demonstrator?

The aim of the district demonstrator is to prove the viability of the technologies developed on the Energypolis Campus, in particular CO2 management. The CO2 is captured, transformed and recycled in the form of energy at various levels. It also demonstrates the way in which it is possible to remotely exploit and control an energy system using an increased share of renewable energy sources.

The district demonstrator includes a heating and cooling system incorporating CO2 capture technologies. Thanks to heat pumps using the evaporation/condensation latent heat of CO2, the network heats or cools the bulding. Using a new membrane technology and metal-organic framework adsorbents, the system will be able to capture CO2 and recover the heat emitted.The system will also be able to convert natural gas into electricity and electricity into synthesis gas by using a reversible fuel cell/electrolysis system.


Jan Van Herle, Energy Materials Group