Education in times of covid-19

The partners in LEARN support teachers at different levels in their efforts to setup and constantly adapt their distance and blended teaching.

The partners in LEARN were working with teachers to face the sudden switch to distance teaching during the lockdown. Some of us worked with EPFL teachers, others with teachers in public primary schools. The efforts continue for the new school year that is impacted significantly by measures to reduce the transmission of covid-19.

Here, we intend to share the ressources that are created in these different efforts as this content might be useful to other teachers at other institutions or levels. Some ressources are available in English, others in French.


École obligatoire (in French)

As we continue to work with the teachers active in the project “éducation numérique”, we share the ressources here for a wider use.

Support for EPFL teachers

Ressources from CEDE and CAPE on blending online and on campus teaching


Research Platform Covid-19 impact on education in Switzerland

LEARN, SERI and CDIP/EDK ave teamed up to create a platform for researchers studying the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on education.

Research into experiences of EPFL teachers during social isolation

EPFL teachers have demonstrated flexibility, openness and creativity in their response to sudden need for online teaching. Let’s not miss this opportunity to investigate this massive adaptation of teaching practices!

Factsheet about response to lockdown in Swiss Higher Education institutions

As part of documenting changes related to education under lockdown, a team at EPFL has developed a simple data gathering tool that aimed to collect responses across the higher education sector in Switzerland.