Income Sources

Wine Sale

Photo of Wine
The commitee has purchased two types of wine which are available to sell in order to help raise funds for the voyage. The wines are:

  • Vully AOC Chasselas Schmutz
    A full bodied Chasselas with a nice structure and a pleasant citrusy bouquet. Goes well with fish and fondue.
  • Piacere Assemblage vaudois Gamay-Gamaret-Gamanoir
    A ruby red wine from the Cave du Joliment in Vaud. This wine is silky smooth with a slight sweetness at the end. Goes well with antipasti, pasta and risotto.

Both wines can be purchased from the commitee via the address [email protected]. They are sold at 20CHF per bottle, and 100CHF per box.

Students who wish to buy the wine please contact Mathieu De Bony De Lavergne and Simon Eggenschwiler.

Jass Tournament

Come and join us Tuesday 19th April at 7pm for a Jass tournament at the Vinci. There will be beer, food, and prizes for the winners. Inscription costs 10CHF per team. To reserve your place, simply write a mail to [email protected]. Prizes include Docteur Gab’s beer, free rounds of bowling at Bowling de Lausanne-Vidy, and accrobranching at Payerneland!


Every Thursday evening, four third year students will be present in the physics building between 6pm and 7pm to help first and second year students with their exercices for the week. The physics department has kindly agreed to pay the habitual student-assistant rate of 25.-/hr to PhysicsTravel for the work done by these students.

A doodle can be found here for those who wish to give their time to help.

Stand at Balélec

The drinks stand at Balélec was a huge success. Around 4000 fracs were earned during the evening. A huge thank you to our staff who did excellent work looking after all the orders and money throught the event. This wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Halloween Party

The Halloween party took place in CE1515 on Thursday 29th October from 7pm. The event was a success, with over 100 people celebrating the event with us.

The committee would like to thank everyone who participated in this event, without our staff, it would never have been possible.

Revision session for Medicine students

A revision session was organised for 6th January 2016 for the students in their first year studying medicine, to help them prepare for their physics exam. Any medical student wishing to participate was asked to pay 10.-/2hr. Thank you to all who gave their time during the revision period to help with this.

Physics Dinner

Two physics dinners were organised during the spring term. The motivation of the physics students made these events a success. A big thank you to everyone who came and to the staff who helped before, during and after the event.