Civil engineering awards

Each year, prizes award outstanding performances of Civil Engineering students.
Some of the prizes below need an application from the candidates.
Please remember to take note of the application deadline that is set on mid august.

The CITEC prize rewards a Master student in Civil Engineering of EPFL who has demonstrated excellence in a master project in the filed of transportation or mobility.

Formulaire à joindre à votre candidature en ligne : Formulaire-Prix-Citec-Mobility-Solutions

Montant : CHF 1’500

This prize rewards a Master student in Civil Engineering of EPFL who has demonstrated excellence in a master project with specialization in Structural Engineering.

A student can only apply to two Prizes awarded by a Jury.

To do so, here below the guidelines

1. A motivation letter from the candidate (1 page).
2. The complete transcript of records of the master cycle.
3. An executive summary (5 to 10 pages in English) as well as the PDM poster.
4. A letter from the Director of the PDM, sent directly by him to the secretariat of the Civil Engineering Section, certifying that the work corresponds to the spirit and rules of the prize.

These documents must be submitted to the secretariat of the Civil Engineering Section.

Amount : CHF 1’000


This prize was created by the ex-students of Professor Alfred Stucky in 1947. It is supported by STUCKY Ltd, engineering consultant in the fields of hydraulic structures and energy. It rewards a project of Master in civil engineering, which is outstanding for its originality and feasibility.

A student cannot apply for more than two prizes which are decided on by jury.

S/he must apply to the secretariat of the Civil Engineering section. The candidature comprises of :

  1. An application letter, counter-signed by the Master project director who will certify that the Master project work corresponds to the nature and rules of the prize.
  2. A .pdf copy of the Master project
  3. As soon as the oral exam is over, the Master project director must send to the Academic Registrar’s Office a report on the project (one page maximum) mentionning the mark obtained at the exam.
  4. the declaration of the application for two prizes maximum

The section takes good receipt of the application files, transfers them to the Committee who will communicate the name of the laureate to the Academic Affairs department.

Amount: CHF 3’000

This prize rewards a Project of Master developing the following : hydropower, tunnels or work below grounds. The candidates are proposed by the Master projects directors: even year in Civil Engineering and odd year in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The prize is awarded by a jury.

Amount: CHF 2’000 (CHF 4’000 including ETHZ)

Règlement IM.pdf

This prize is intended to reward up to two students from the Civil Engineering section who have obtained a grade equal to or higher than 5.5 for their master of project, when co-supervised by two separate laboratories affiliated to the Institute of Civil Engineering – IIC. A jury deliberates on the basis of the results transmitted by the section of Civil Engineering at the end of the academic year. No appeal is possible. This award is presented by the section during the graduation ceremony.

Amount: CHF 1’000

IIC award regulations.pdf

This prize rewards a project of master in the area of parassimic engineering or structural dynamics. The candidates are nominated by their responsible of project of master.

Amount: CHF 2’000

No registration

Three prizes are offered:

  • One of the awards is the best grade at one of the master programs of the ENAC faculty (architects are excluded)
  • One of them rewards the best master project in Civil Engineering that stands out by its excellence. The candidates are proposed to the SIA Vaud by the directors of the master projects, with the authorization of the concerned students. The Master’s thesis need to have been graded with a minimum of 5.5 and stand out by their original, innovative and pragmatic dimension, in line with the constraints of sustainability.

Amount: CHF 1’000 for the project of Master prize  – CHF 500 for the best grade prize

Règlement SIA Vaud

No registration

This prize rewards the best average for complete Master studies at EPFL in the section of Civil Engineering.

Amount: CHF 1’000


No registration